DevLog #1 (old)

Well, my Life Simulation game is nearing the end of its first phase, the design phase. I have spent a long time working out how all the elements will interact, effecting how the game plays out depending on the choices you make in your characters life. This is not a game where you can be pure evil, and then suddenly decide to be the nicest person in the world (well, not easily anyhow). The choices you make in life effect your characters personality. The further you shift part of your personality, the harder it is to move back.

I have opted for a card like system. You receive cards for traits, features, education, and occupation. Each effect your personality in some way or other, and some offer character stat bonuses too.

I have a huge list of careers that will be added to the game. Probably not all at once, and the exact method of implementing them isn’t quite decided yet. Side careers (one’s that you completely control) will also be available – with begging (not really a career per se), music, writing, photography, real estate, and of course GAME DEV options!

I have been toying with the idea of have a village/town/city map available where you can purchase businesses and property for the real estate part of the game.

Something simple might do the trick.

The next phase will be to start creating a sort of Demo version. Mostly so I can start to get some feedback and alter the game accordingly.

This has and still is a very exciting project for me. There is a lot of programming involved backstage, so it will probably take me some time to get it to a working state, but all the best things take time right?!

Thanks for reading…