About Me

Husband, father of two, indie developer and (sort of) artist in my free time.

I would describe myself as a Geek/Hippy hybrid with a sprinkling of Nerd! Love jazz and folk music. Known to brew my own beer, and a lover of good wine and fine food. I also play the violin very badly, and almost exclusively wearer of odd socks!

I’ve wanted to be a game developer since I first played FF7 and realised that games are a fantastic medium to tell a story (over looking the fact my first game is a simulation game!). A passion for games with good stories started here.

When my daughter was born I decided to go for the dream. I enrolled with the open university on a programming course and have been playing around with several ideas since. I have left a trail of half finished projects, all of which I will be revisiting in reverse. My ideas were to big for my current skill, so kept changing my project until I found a good starting base.

Now I have a list of projects to work through. 2 simulation games, and 3 pixel art story based games. I’m starting with one of the simulation games – YonderLife – which I’m hoping will really help advance my programming knowledge ready for the next game on the list – Poor Bob.

2019 is the year of OddSocks… literally, as so far I haven’t worn a legitimate pair yet!

OddSocks Studio

My game ‘company’ name came about when my daughter started calling me Mr Odd Socks. I used to be known as 42 Pixels on Twitter, but decided to go with OddSocksDev instead as it held more sentimental value. Some of my indie dev buddies still call me 42 though!

Well, that’s a little insight as to who I am and why I’m doing all this game dev.

Cheers for reading,


TLDR; Guy making games because he likes games.